Tinplate (ETP/TFS/TMBP)

It is a thin layer of tin steel which is often referred to as packaging material. By selecting an adequate temperature grade, suitable forms and the necessary strength are obtained after forming for various applications. It is used especially for the production of bottles, food packaging such as edible oil, canned foods, spickles, cookies, chocolates and other non-food uses such as decorative products, toys, and caps.
Tin Free steel is a thin layer of Chromium plated steel and a chromium oxide layer mounted on a solid, rolling steel base (the black steel plate) that gives the stain a stunning and dazzling metallic finish on both sides. It is used primarily for the manufacture of chemical cans, paint cans, ovens, dishes etc.
It has recently found large applications once used mainly as a base metal for tinplate. It is today used, in containers, jewellery boxes, lipstick shells and dry battery jackets, not only in tinplate and tin free steel but also in cold rolling coils which are competitive with equivalents for such different purposes as building materials and cars. TMBP is competitive with tin plate and tin free steel for direct painting in applications where the tin or chromium coating surface characteristics are not important.
THICKNESS0.08 mm To 0.50 mm
WIDTH50 mm To 1250 mm
AVAILABLE GRADESTH210, TH330, TH360, TH415, TH435, TH460, TH480, TH520, TH550, TH580, TH600, TH620, TH700, TS245, TS260, TS275, TS290, TS340, TS480, TS550

NB: More grades, finishes, qualities, inspections & tests available upon request.


  • Commercial quality.
  • Deep Draw/Semi-hard/Hard Quality.
  • Prime/Secondary stocks.
  • Welded coils/baby coils/slit coils/blanks are also available.


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June 23, 2021