Galvanized (GI)

The application of a protective zinc coating in steel or iron is the method of galvanisation or galvanization to avoid the rusting. Molten zinc is the most popular method of hot-dip galvanizing. In applications where corrosion resistance is needed without the cost of stainless steel, galvanised steel is widely used and is considered to be superior in costs and life cycles. In the manufacture of prepaints, sandwich panels, water tanks, water tube systems, building fittings, different industrial devices, home appliances, car body sections, refrigeration pipes, protective barriers and rails are typically used galvanised steel.

THICKNESS0.20 mm To 8 mm
WIDTH700 mm To 1500 mm
AVAILABLE GRADESDX51, DX52, DX53, DX54, DX56, S220GD, S350GD, S390GD, S450GD, S550GD, HCT450X, HCT490X, HCT590X, HCT780/980X, HCT780X, HCT980X

NB: More grades, finishes, qualities, inspections & tests available upon request.


  • Commercial quality grades for general purpose.
  • Soft/Semi-hard/Tensile grades.
  • Coating/Temper and chemical specifications are available upon request.
  • Coil ends/unsorted sheets available upon request.


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June 23, 2021